Bite-Sized Beats #24: The Stone Grind

21 Sep

Let’s talk.

You comfortable?  Got a nice bowl of pretzels handy?  Maybe a cold glass of prosecco?  Great.

So it turns out grad school’s a lot of work.  A LOT of work.  Which means most of the time I don’t spend writing about tasty stuff on here, I spend writing about metaphysics and other stuff that makes no goddamned sense whatsoever.  And because that stuff is so crazy, it means I basically have to dump my brain out and throw it out the window every day before retrieving it to write a few paragraphs about cupcakes or whatever.  I love the work, I love all of it, I do…it just means staring in the face of insanity several times a day.

If you’re a long-time reader of this little blog, you’ll notice I haven’t done a Bite-Sized Beat or Fresh Review in a while…and that whole paragraph up there is why.  Too much time and too much insanity, in a nutshell.  The recipe’s will still be coming at their usual delicious clip, so don’t freak out or anything.  Just know that I might be taking a little break from the other stuff for a while.

We good?  Good.

Here’s a little beat to keep you guys happy this week.  It’s Jaylib with The Mission (Stringed Out Remix): 



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