Bite-Sized Beats #23: Charon’s Interstate

2 Aug

So…I’ve been absent a while, and that’s because I moved.  A long way.  It was at least four states away, I stopped keeping track when people started getting confused and frightened when I tried to order sweet tea.

And as much as I wanted to take a few hours out of my day three weeks to bake up something tasty, put a few little snarky comments in the recipe, and tie it all up with some mediocre and poorly-lit photos, instead I had to spend that time forcing a 64 square foot kitchen into a couple of strategically taped-together cardboard boxes.  And then haul those boxes down three flights of stairs.  Turns out a box full of cast-iron and glass is pretty goddamned heavy.  Who knew? (I did.  I knew.)

I’ll spare you the rest of the kvetching: I’m fully moved now, I’m in Illinois, and the decidedly bigger kitchen (with an island!) is mostly operational, so that means treats are comin’, and they’re comin’ fast.  Mostly because I have roommates now.  Hungry roommates who don’t seem to understand that I can’t make the oven work faster by waving my spatula at it and cursing.

It’s basically going to look like a frosting-covered version of Valhalla in here, and I’m gonna have the pictures to prove it.  Steel yourselves, people.

And steal yourself this week’s bite-sized beat: it’s Lemon Grass, from the one and only MF DOOM.


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