Bite-Sized Beats #20: Air Raid

26 Jun

Most of my music follows a somewhat predictable pattern: funk, hip-hop, jazz, repeat as necessary or until fully satisfied.  You know the drill.

There is an odd man out, though…some music that doesn’t quite fit into my Venn diagram.  That music is Japanese rock, and there’s a reason I find myself listening to it so much despite it not fitting into my daily balanced breakfast of beats: it’s goddamned awesome.

Granted, I’m not especially experienced with the stuff.  My exposure’s mainly from playing way too many video games (yes Internet nerds, it is possible.  I found that out when 2 A.M. kindly handed me a Hallmark greeting card with “what are you doing with your life” printed on the inside.) and listening to a few ACIDMAN albums on repeat, so I’m squarely at the “beginners” level of the whole J-rock scene.

But I still know that every time I turn on a track like the one down there at the bottom of this post I get this undeniable “yeah!  let’s fly into the Sun and kick its ass and fly back and have a stack of pancakes GODDAMNIT” feeling that’s both unshakable and supremely excellent.  You wanna go twice as fast when you’re going on a run? Turn this stuff on.  Feel like getting a ticket for speeding today?  Press play.

Like I said…it’s awesome, and it’s awesome in a way that rock music here just isn’t.  That’s not to say our stuff isn’t awesome too, but our’s is usually either “YEAH AMERICA FREEDOMTIME” or death metal, or something in between.  It’s just not as…inspiring as that Japanese stuff.  Take a listen to Weak Executioner by Daisuke Ishiwatari, see if you can see what I mean, or see if you completely disagree and feel like calling me a traitor.  It’s up to you, dear reader.


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