Bite-Sized Beats #17: Slow Crunch

3 May

Let’s talk about trail mix.

It’s spring-ish time right now, and I know there’s nothing you flower-picking do-gooders love more than a big fistful of dried fruits and nuts and friendship.  Hell, I like it too.  As boring and uninspiring as trail mix is, I can’t say I can really hate anything that lets you carry around a sackful of things you like and still feel healthy about it, even if half of those things are covered in chocolate, filled with chocolate, or just are chocolate.

So here’s the trail mix “recipe” my mom used to make when I was a tiny person.  She called it people seed.  Like bird seed.  For people.  Adorable, really.

People Seed:

Here’s what you need:

– Cheerios

– Salted peanuts

– Raisins

– M&Ms

– Chocolate chips

Here’s how you make it:

Throw it all in a freaking plastic bag and shake it.  Do you really need directions on this?

A few things about this that makes it just a bit better than that pre-packaged crap at the local Whole Foods Market Health Mart Thing.

The chocolate.  It seems like a bit of overkill, but as long as you go easy on the chips and the M&Ms you’ll be in heaven.

The Cheerios.  Seems weird, but it works.  You might wanna put just a little bit more of those than the other stuff, that way it’ll be a bit milder, and therefore easier to grab fistfuls of the stuff and shove it in your face.

The ingredients.  You don’t need microbially-prepared apricot husks in your trail mix to make it tasty, people.  Keep it simple, keep it delicious.

Keep it even simpler with Secret of Forest, a track from Yasunori Mitsuda:

I’m too lazy to put a real picture up here because it’s not a real recipe.  I have an Instagram, it’s on there somewhere.  Having it shames me to my very core.  See you next time.

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