Fresh Reviews #2: Big View Diner

21 Feb

Big View JP

Admittedly, I have a bias towards this place.  A good one.  This used to be the designated after-work grab a beer and hang out kinda place for me back when I had a real adult-people job, and it fit well in the role.

BARRRR also seats.

The Big View is, if nothing else, simple.  Take your average, greasy-ass diner and class it up a bit, add a little imagination to the menu, and you’ve got this place.  What’s nice, at first glance, about The Big View is the interior design.  Most of these diners-cum-fancier-diner kinds of experiments just drench the dining room in 80 gallons of chrome, pick out some crappy furniture from a Montgomery Ward catalog from the 50’s, and call it a day.  Big View keeps it basic: warm colors, adequately cushy seats, and just a touch of art deco flavor lining the walls.  Unique enough to give it it’s own identity and charm, but not so much that you feel like you’re on a quick decent into chrome hell.

...ok this one's actually pretty damn good.

As far as the food goes, it’s very hit-or-miss.  I’ve never had something there bad enough to make me regret it, but I’ve had plenty of dishes that came with a solid side dish of “meh”, particularly the entrees.  This is a restaurant that’s made to go with a beer (something made pretty apparent by the hulking bar hiding just behind the host’s table), so you’ll have better luck sticking with the sandwiches, burgers and appetizers.  Even the starters are hit or miss though: I’ve had a damn good quesadilla one night, and been completely underwhelmed by the nearly brisket-less brisket fries (c’mon guys, it’s in the freaking name) the next.

The dessert’s about the same.  A lot of stuff that falls a little flat, and just as much good stuff.  The cheesecake, any cheesecake, is freaking gold, though.  That’s always a solid bet.  Everything else is good, but doesn’t quite get to the point of making you want seconds, or want to come back for it a second time.

In short, it’s a good place for a brew and a quick bite.  It’s worth checking out, just don’t expect anything world-changing.

Oh, and if you go, ask for Ryan.  He’s a mighty cool dude.


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