Bite-Sized Beats #12: Spread Gunner

18 Jan

Hey, fast food companies.  Step up your damn vegetables.

To qualify:  I don’t wanna see you try and pump out some spring vegetable medley crap with my double-bacon ranch pork-burger deluxe.  I go to you to shame my mouth with condiments, not to try and feel slightly better about myself after choking down your sorry excuse for a steamed yellow squash.

That, however, doesn’t mean I should have to suffer through lettuce with the texture of a wet polaroid, or tomatoes that disintegrate as soon as they enter the same atmosphere as saliva.  Way, way too often I’ve been to burger joints with amazing meat, delicious cheese, and piss-poor vegetables.  Hell, the only reason I really realized what I was missing was because I dropped by a Hardee’s for the first time (enjoy your sure-to-be lucrative free plug, Hardee’s) and realized “hey, these vegetables don’t suck!  They’re actually…good!”

So get away from the floppy lettuce.  That’s my advice for the week.  That, and listen to this week’s bite-sized beat: Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth with They Reminisce Over You.


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