Bite-Sized Beats #8: Bitsy Collins

6 Nov

I never really liked the whole “knights and wizards and dragons” motif.  There’s only so many times you can dress it up (“this time the wizard’s from the FUTURE”, “that’s…that’s great.  Get out.) before I start to get bored.

But.  Give me a helping of the good old wanderlust, Frodo staring out at a bunch of mountains that’r probably gonna kill him, sweeping music, that sort of thing?  I’m sold.  Really and truly, I don’t care where that feeling takes place.  It could be a desert (see: Journey.  Seriously, burn that game into your eye-spheres, it’s magnificent), or a kid going off to college.  It’s the feeling that counts, the unknown, the wanting to know the unknown.  And I like music that sounds like that, even if it’s not by a 5000-piece orchestra headed by some guy named Williams or Zimmer.

So here.  Today you get to see a soft side of me that doesn’t involve marshmallow fluff or collagen for a change.  Here’s S_S’s take on one of Nobuo Uematsu’s many, many classics, The Place I’ll Return To Someday:  


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