Bite-Sized Beats #7: Old and Gold

26 Oct

So I had one of these bite-sized beats all ready and primed to go for today…until this song showed up in my facebook chat outta nowhere.  And it was gonna be good too!  It even had a witty title!

But this joint was just too good.  The video was too, and don’t forget that.  Don’t be one of those guys who uses youtube as a damn music player, that’s not what it’s for.  It has a picture of a TV in the logo for god’s sake.  Context matters, and it really matters here.  I could make some tired, hackneyed comparison about how cooking’s like music, ingredients are like beats, blah blah blah.  But you know the score by now, or at least you should.

So here’s the news that matters:  Old things are good.  New things are good.  Taking the music out of the old things and adding new music?  Really, really awesome.  Click the link.  Get something new in your life.

Here’s Sonnymoon with Goddess



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