Bite-Size Beats #2: Stimulate Yourself

24 Aug

Alright people, this one’s a two-parter so…brace yourselves. Or whatever it is you do before you read a post on the internet, which is probably adjust yourself and grunt in a way no other human should ever hear. But seriously, it’s not that big of a deal. This post, that is. The grunting you might want to get checked by a professional. Maybe someone in a 10-year old copy of the yellow pages. If they’re still around, they’ve gotta be good, right? Anyway, here’s your beat of the week. It’s Nomak, with Stimulation:

Pair it with a glass of this thyme lemonade up here. All you need to do is use my lavender lemonade recipe (and because I know you’re lazy, here it is:, and substitute a good fistful of thyme for the lavender. You don’t even need to chop it up or anything. Now get back to searching the floor for that last dorito. It’s gotta be there somewhere. Along with your dignity.


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